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100% Australian Made

Australian Made certification number: 7499


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What makes Woodencrafts’ Gift Studio different?

We are most definitely handmade and Made in Australia! Certification number: 7499.

Our ‘manufacturing partners’ are also “Australian made”, such as our wood suppliers, graphic designer, illustrator, artist, painter, printer and box maker!

We’re all about creating intelligent and creative products to suit a world wide audience!

We Aim for 100% Satisfaction with Our Products Everytime!


Australian Made Gifts

Giving gifts is a tradition all around the world. No matter the time of the year or the occasion, people are always looking for ways to surprise their loved ones with something authentic and amazing. Why stick to boring and conventional gifts then?

Woodencrafts can provide you with the most authentic and breathtaking gifts you’ve ever seen. Making wooden crafts is our passion, and we’ll have the perfect product for you for every occasion. From coasters to Christmas decorations, to puzzles and jewellery for children – we’ve got it all.

Giving a one of a kind gift is always hard, but doesn’t have to be with us. Australian gifts will never fail to impress the receiver, as they’re guaranteed to be nothing like they’ve seen before.

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