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What makes Woodencrafts’ Gift Studio different?

We are most definitely handmade and Made in Australia! Certification number: 7499.

Our ‘manufacturing partners’ are also “Australian made”, such as our wood suppliers, graphic designer, illustrator, artist, painter, printer and box maker!

We’re all about creating intelligent and creative products to suit a world wide audience!

We Aim for 100% Satisfaction with Our Products Everytime!

Australian Made Gifts

Giving gifts is a tradition all around the world. No matter the time of the year or the occasion, people are always looking for ways to surprise their loved ones with something authentic and amazing. Why stick to boring and conventional gifts then?

Woodencrafts can provide you with the most authentic and breathtaking gifts you’ve ever seen. Making wooden crafts is our passion, and we’ll have the perfect product for you for every occasion. From coasters to Christmas decorations, to puzzles and jewellery for children – we’ve got it all.

Giving a one of a kind gift is always hard, but doesn’t have to be with us. Australian gifts will never fail to impress the receiver, as they’re guaranteed to be nothing like they’ve seen before.


Our gifts aren’t authentic just because they’re wooden. These crafts are true Australian gifts. If you want to give a part of the country to someone, you can’t go wrong with Woodencrafts. Whether it’s something significant you want to gift, like our keepsake culture map, or something small like our magnets and keyrings – you can.

Our Australian gifts are bound to impress foreigners and locals alike. There’s so much to love about this wonderful country. From the mesmerizing nature to the local wildlife to the long and diverse culture of Australia, our wooden crafts capture the true soul of the country. Authenticity is something our customers continue to recognize and something we’re immensely proud of.


In the midst of a huge environmental crisis, every decision you make can influence the world you live in. Plastic is the one thing that’s killing this planet the most, which is why it should be avoided at all costs. People don’t even think about how long it takes to decompose and how badly it affects the environment.

Our Australian gifts are made entirely from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood. They are much more eco-friendly and won’t harm the world we share. Even if they do end up in landfill, they’re likely to decompose much more quickly, as wood is a biodegradable material. Not only are you choosing the best Australian gifts when you choose us, but you’re also making an environmentally conscious decision.

When it comes to creating zero pollution with our manufacturing processes, that’s what we’re aiming for! With a 3-stage absolute filtering system, the exhaust air we create is 99% free of particulates. We use eco-UV ink in our printing process and all our boxes and packaging is now made from 100% recycled cardboard. We are most definitely phasing out any use of any kind of plastic.


Finally, our gifts aren’t just pretty. They’ll teach you something valuable, too. This is especially true for our children’s puzzles and our keepsake culture map. Puzzles are a great way for your child to develop their motor skills in a fun way. Children learn best through play, and motor skills are one of the most important skills to develop for healthy child development.

Our Australian gifts can also teach you a lot about the wildlife that lives in Australia. Your child can easily begin to differentiate animals and become more acquainted with the country they live in. You can learn something from our authentic Australian gifts, too.

We all know something about Australia. However, with our keepsake culture map, you and your children will learn about some of the famous indigenous animals and icons Australia is famous for, including the historic discovery voyage of Captain Cook. 

Our Australian gifts are simply gifts you will open over and over again. They’ll never just collect dust on your shelf!

Why choose us?

We’re aware that our Australian gifts aren’t the only option you have when it comes to gift-giving. If you’re still not convinced we’re the right choice, though, take a look at what else Woodencrafts has to offer.

We’re creative

If our Australian gifts don’t spell creativity, nothing does. We’re very passionate about what we do, meaning that we are always searching for inspirational ideas for our products. We find endless inspiration in the amazing country we live in, which is why we never get bored with what we do.

Our team is composed of designers and artists who would have been creating art in one way or another, regardless of their current occupation. So, you can see this isn’t just a job for them – it’s their passion. We believe that this attitude towards the job is what ensures our success.

When you do what you love, you always have the motivation to advance further, and you never actually have to work a day in your life.

We’re professional

One thing we pride ourselves in is our professionalism and experience. Without these components, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. Part of running a business is definitely listening to your customers and honouring their opinions, too. You can always count on us to talk to you about the process and listen to any ideas you might have.

As well as that, our experience allows us to create the most mesmerizing pieces of art out there. There are no other Australian gifts out there which were created with the same level of experience as ours. Our team has been working with wood and shaping it into masterpieces for years. Their extensive experience and knowledge about wood crafting makes them perfect for the job.

We’re transparent

With Woodencrafts and the best Australian gifts on the market, there are no hidden facts or prices. We’ll be upfront with you about everything and you won’t have to worry about anything but enjoying finding the right gift or souvenir.

Our prices are never hidden, so you can always tell right away if the best Australian gifts are in your budget or not. As well as that, we won’t keep our manufacturing process secret and will gladly walk you through it. We care about the communication with our customers, as we believe strong relationships are the only way to ensure our quality stays superior. After all, we’d be nothing without you, so you can count on us always being 100% honest.

We care

As well as caring for what we do, we also care for our community and the country we live in. There are a lot of things to love about this wonderful country, and our Australian gifts are basically tokens of love for our homeland.

We are 100% focused on protecting our environment by creating zero pollution with our manufacturing processes and using 100% recycled material for our packaging.  

As we already mentioned, we also care about you, our valued customer. Help us give back to our community by allowing us to start or continue our wonderful relationship.

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