Handmade Wooden Jewellery

Our handmade wooden jewellery is cute and quirky and quite unlike anything you have had the chance to wear before. Most pieces pay homage to our extraordinary array of Australian animals, birds and sealife. Hand made and crafted with the utmost care, and paying keen attention to detail, each set of earrings and each necklace will appeal to children of all ages. Your child will be able to wear this jewellery to any outing or occasion.


Our handmade wooden jewellery is made with love. We care about our world which is why we strive to make all of our products as eco-friendly as possible. Wood is a natural, biodegradable material, and we make sure our environment is well protected with minimal wastage and air pollution during our manufacturing processes.

All our wood is sourced from “FSC certified forests”, a worldwide standard which ensures such forests are being responsibly managed to the highest environmental and social standards.


We aim to provide the best possible non allergenic stainless steel nickel free chains and fastings which will hold their shine for many years even after being worn time and time again.


Handmade wooden jewellery is something quirky and completely fresh that no one but you will have.

People will notice how cute the jewellery is, paying homage to our wonderful Australian fauna and birdlife. Your child will be receiving some great compliments when they wear their new earrings to school. This is definitely something you can buy for yourself or for someone you care about if you’re looking for a true one-of-a-kind gift.

Incredibly beautiful

Not only is our handmade wooden jewellery authentic, it’s also quite cute and beautiful. Our handmade wooden jewellery will look good on you or your child, and will be a fun way to remember a great holiday to Australia!